Big Ideas need Creative Presentations

Maynard B

Digital product development is no longer of the domain of one discipline. It must be embraced by the organisation and embedded in the business strategy.

So how can you embed user centred design thinking into the strategic phase of the product and what happens if you don’t?

Imagine the early days of a new or remained product. It’s exciting and often quite chaotic. Ideas aren’t clear, people may have different expectations, some are nervous about committing in case it fails. No-one is quite sure of what the final outcome will be. This is where you can set the direction of the product experience and is the best place to be.

Yet before you get your teeth into the detailed product design process you have to create the strategy and then convince someone, the board, CEO, your line manager, key stakeholders to invest the time, resources and budget that to improve the product experience.

The pitch that gets everyone excited, invested and on board is where user-centred design processes and techniques can really help. How you present, what you present sets the tone of the project moving forward. It is the first
and fundamental step in convincing people (often not creative or developers) to take risks and change for the better.

So, you have to pitch to win.

This session is about how early strategic thinking is enhanced with user centred design techniques. Creative and conceptual pitches, the role of storytelling all helps those with influence imagine the product they are investing in and give you the mandate to make it happen.

This session will explore the techniques and ways to present to teams, leaders and board members. Using various examples across a number of clients it will showcase how the pitching and buy-in help set up projects for success as well as giving the teams mandates to manage projects in user-centred ways.

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