Design Beyond the Screen – Introducing Service Design Thinking to UX

Burdette Theatre

The consumerisation of technology has led to higher expectations of intuitiveness and ease of use of our devices, websites and apps. User friendliness in technology is not a key differentiator anymore when consumers interact with companies via their websites, apps, phones and high street shops.
Companies don’t just sell products online anymore, they provide services through a variety of channels. This requires designers to think beyond the screen. Service design thinking considers technology in its wider context of use and not just the immediate user interactions.

This talk will give you an introduction to what service design is and how it is different from user experience design. It will include some design principles that are applicable beyond the screen and how they relate to user experience and service design. And finally you’ll find out about the realities of doing service design in the wild. You’ll see a comparison of the wonderful theory of service design with the harsh reality of large organisations, which often need service design the most.

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