Designing Culture in Big Organisations

Maynard A

Before a customer ever sees your product you have to create, design and deliver within the organisation itself. Design doesn’t happen in isolation. You have stakeholders, competing priorities and deadlines, budgets as well as the creative process itself. So how do you create a high performing product design and delivery teams with UCD at the heart of what you do? Easy right… You just say so. The business will just give you the budget, no questions asked so you can hire people, sit them together and off you go… wham bam, your products will be successfully delivered and work.

Well… it is a bit more subtle than that.

Even if we think we understand change, we often resist it. Therefore, we need buy-in, we need proof, we need to attract the right talent, create a working culture and design spaces that encourages collaboration and creativity. The organisation needs to see it working in action, feel confident to take bigger risks, gather momentum so that ultimately you deliver real services and features that your customers value.

This is a case study on how Which? transformed the way it made digital products & services. More than just delivery this was about people, culture, process and collaboration. Within a 12month period Which? established an internal culture focused on multi-disciplinary product teams, iterative design methods, rapid feature design & release and fortnightly user testing on all it’s products. This allowed Which? to reduce the product lifecycle from 18month to 6months to get more products in front of more customers and have a lot of fun along the way.

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