How to co-create better cities with smart citizens?

Burdette Theatre

In this session Priya (founder- D4SC) will focus on current smart city & internet of things trends analysing the pros and cons of large-scale infrastructural rollouts which lacks citizen engagement/input in its design. Priya will take a case-study approach on how best to prototype better cities using people centred design, low-cost technology and mobile devices by harnessing neighbourhood loyalty, crowdsourcing, solving and funding people created solutions to make a better community.

With the increasing focus on smart cities, big data and huge infrastructural investment, city councils and local governments everywhere are facing agonising decisions on how best to spend their limited budgets to get maximum impact for their citizens to create better liveable cities where increasingly 90% of population will be inhabiting in the future.

You’ll leave this session better equipped to understand these trends in public interest design, smart cities, local sustainable economies, smart citizen movement and an approach to improving your neighbourhood to create a better city using the mobile in your pocket.

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