Innovation & Improvisation – Music Lessons for Designers

Burdette Theatre

Acts of improvisation – or spontaneous creation – are sometimes also acts of innovation. And, occasionally, an act of innovation can change everything.

Business is beginning to see the real value in design, and in differentiation through innovation. Designers are invited to the table early to solve complex problems, uncover opportunities, conceptualise strategy, help achieve financial goals, make shareholders rich.

To preserve the ethos and influence of design in new environments, we must continue to draw inspiration from outside our community. This is how we will continue innovate in our own field, and help prevent the “professionalisation” of design.

With musicians on stage, we will illustrate stylistic and non-idiomatic improvisation in music, and explore the relationship with innovation and improvisation in design. And we’ll see that there are lessons to be learned from managing musicians through the creative process that can teach designers plenty about differentiation in our own field.

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