Make it easy to take it easy : User experience in the travel, tourism and Leisure industry

Burdette Theatre

One of the great ironies of the web is that researching and booking a relaxing holiday can be one of the most stressful things you can do online. Before you can flop yourself on a beach in a far-away clime you need to consider and navigate through a choice of options that all begin to look the same and hope that you get through the long booking process without making a critical mistake.

We have worked with airlines, luxury hotel chains and regional tourism bodies performing usability testing, user needs research and iterative user centred design. We’ve seen and heard usability test participants do everything from looking dreamily at gorgeous foreign beach hotels to clenching their fists in frustration at barriers they hit booking their flight. We’d like to share these experiences with you and identify what are the key elements that make or break the user experience in researching, booking and managing travel & leisure online.

This talk will cover

  • The psychology of booking travel : known unknowns and unknown unknowns
  • Primary and secondary choice parameters in travel, tourism and leisure
  • Typical barriers in researching and booking travel
  • The role of mobile UX in the complete travel customer experience
  • Innovative ways of presenting information for the travel & leisure context
  • International aspects – what works for one audience may not work for another
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