Making Games for Research: T.E.S.S.A. Undercover Agents and Dubious (two ResearchGames to revolutionize market research

Burdette Theatre

“IMPRINTS Future’s is a large, award-winning academic study already 2/3 years in progress. When the IMPRINTS Futures lead professor, Professor Liesbet van Zoonen approached Betty and her team at Research Through Gaming to create Games which would explore Identity, they decided to use music and sound effects for the first time and two narratives they’ve never used before. This presentation is about the importance of understanding your research project and client as much as it is about 2 innovative and ground-breaking ResearchGames™ called “T.E.S.S.A. Undercover Agents” and “Dubious”.

Betty and her team attended a workshop as well as studied in-depth to learn even more about futuristic forms of identification, existing public perceptions on identification and new/emerging technologies in order to create accurate and meaningful ResearchGames, both for the participants and for the client.

In this talk, Betty will be talking frankly on the obstacles she faced in the design and deployment of these ResearchGames and how they were overcome using technology and narratology. These two ResearchGames also debunked many common misconceptions in the use of Games for Research which Betty will discuss along with feedback from the participants and how this study has shaped the actions of our client. \

Betty will show footage of gameplay and examples of her storyboards. Betty will show how the use of Music and Sound Effects used in both ResearchGames shaped the emotions of the participants (Betty calls these people Playspondents) and the new functionalities which were created just for this project.”

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