UX in non UX Organisations: Persuading companies to change the way they work to improve their competitiveness

Maynard A

In a world where price is a major driver for large IT service providers and financial institutions and their clients, success is often judged by delivery on time and to budget, often leading to solutions that provide sub-standard experiences. User Experience is often viewed as an unnecessary cost; however, we believe that UX and the use of UCD methods can help de-risk engagements, save costs, increase workplace productivity and end-user satisfaction.

Sharing our experiences of working as the sole UX practitioners in large organisations, we investigate methods for analysing archetypal engagements that large IT and financial institutions often enter into. Using scenario based problems and a defined analytical framework; participants will explicate the key business and economic levers from each scenario that can be used to generate organisational buy-in into the UCD process from both internal and client stakeholders. Ensuring that User Experience is viewed as a key metric for evaluating project success.

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