We Are All Stakeholders: Usability and User Experience in Government Systems Design

Burdette Theatre

Do you know anyone whose life is untouched by government electronic and information systems?

In fact, the usability of government systems affects us all — all seven-plus billion of the Earth’s people. Even if we ourselves never visit a government website to claim a National Insurance refund or apply for a provisional driving licence, as rate-payers we bear the costs of usability problems in the systems that our governments use to conduct their business. As citizens we suffer the consequences of inadequate effectiveness, efficiency and even satisfaction of government workers due to usability and user experience problems in the systems they use.
In the usability of government systems, we are all stakeholders.

This presentation will cover the intersection of government systems work and UX work. It will describe the differences between public-facing government systems and internal ones and will explain vital usability and UX needs that each of these must meet. From the other side, it will describe important ways in which government projects differ from private-sector projects and the challenges that those differences pose for UX work. The talk will include numerous examples from both public-facing and internal systems.

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