Welcome from Program Chair

Burdette Theatre

Welcome to the Conference

We have a very mixed group of speakers and we hope you enjoy the diversity. The change in the program is a focus on newish people to UCD who have attained some qualifications that now represent a professional UCD person.

UCD is a container for many activities and is not owned by any one more than any other.

We need to challenge UCD and ourselves over the next two days to find out more about it, delve deeper into the shadows and re-energise ourselves after another long year of trying to get businesses to think, then think about users and act upon their desires and needs as another stakeholder in every project.

We are in challenging times there are many new names for things we have been doing for years, like service design, customer experience etc. I was heartened to hear recently that CX people want to become more users centric.

We also need to ask ourselves some serious questions about what we actually do.

Are we really doing UCD?

I keep hearing the word Hybrid meaning no user research or testing, this also means not UCD, not UX, not CX not any other name that relates to what we sell to our clients.

Are we becoming BA’s with better graphics?

A sad indictment but the key question is on your last project can you name the non-project team, non-client team actual users that were involved? Great you can, wait if you can remember all their names the sample was too small, what you did to de-risk a low sample size.

We need to stop kidding ourselves, our clients believe less and less and need more and more proof, can you deliver it?

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