James Chudley

James Chudley

I am a UX specialist having worked in the industry for 19 years. I specialise in leading large scale, multinational and multidisciplinary user centred design projects and am also responsible for ‘Insight Bank’, our first product offering.

I regularly speak at international conferences, write for the trade press and have written two UX books.

I co-founded UXBristol in 2010 which aims to bring members of the UX community together in a practical and affordable one day conference.

I am a passionate photographer and am leading a new area of UX called ‘photoUX’ that is aiming to improve the usability of web photos.

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Composing photos for responsive design

Burdette Theatre

When taking photos for magazine covers photographers shoot in portrait orientation and deliberately leave space for titles, supporting text etc to suit the typical layout of that magazine. Web designers typically get given photos to use them try and make them work alongside copy and calls to action across a series of viewport sizes. What […]