Veronika Jermolina

Veronika Jermolina

I am a Senior UX Designer and Researcher with 8+ years of experience in planning, selling, researching, designing, launching and optimising digital products and services.

I love translating behaviours and attitudes into a compelling story that helps organisations visualise future experience and make steps in the direction of human-centric design.

My experience is with the world’s best brands, including BBC, Boots, Channel4, easyJet, FCA, Oxfam, Sky, Vodafone, UK Parliament and others.

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International Usability Testing: stories from the field

Maynard A

You’ve designed a website, a checkout flow, or a service. You’ve conducted usability testing, fixed the issues. All that’s left now is to send your copy to the translation agency to translate into other languages… Our experience shows that this approach is likely to throw unexpected issues that may prevent customers from engaging with your […]