Windahl Finnigan

Windahl Finnigan

The Product Design & Innovator Tool Kit

Senior level, UX designer & Maker of Things: the blending of skills across art, science, business & technology.

Over 25 years experience teaching companies to be more creative and innovative. Including 7 in technical consultancy facilitating workshops, stakeholder management, managing teams and collaborative approaches on large, complex global programs.

Full suite of hands on skills in design, art, illustration, UX and prototyping.

Innovation, emerging technologies, disruption & creativity are my passions. Exploring ‘the art of the possible’ to creative new services & products, while striving to make everything better and more pleasurable to use.

My career began as an illustrator and art director – identity, packaging, print and advertising (TV, radio, print) pre-web. Now it’s all web enabled products & services; Internet of Things, systems design, digital transformation, data driven design, concierge applications, mobile, social and others.

Continual learning & training of skills enabled keeping pace with technology to new design frontiers. Commitment on how to make things work, craftsmanship & design excellence.

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The Product Design & Innovator Tool Kit

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